Medical Professional

The Compassionate Professional Behind Our Medical Recruitment Agency

Cecilia Gravitt is a Chilean businesswoman who proudly founded CGSL International Medical Professional Recruiters. With more than 20 years of experience in the immigration industry, she helps international healthcare workers thrive in the US.

Coming to the US

Years ago, Cecilia was presented with the opportunity to be a cultural ambassador in the US after graduating from college in Chile. She prayed for this chance to represent her country in an international program. Luckily, she was indeed chosen for the role.

Her Cultural Exchange Experience

Physical Therapy

Cecilia wanted to find out more about American culture and share her own country’s traditions, customs, and folklore. She even learned how to play the guitar. Cecilia fell in love with the US and a local man who later became her husband.

How Faith Propelled Her Success

After finding a Christian congregation where she felt at home and embracing her church family, Cecilia’s life became even better. She had found people who loved her for who she was and cheered for her successes in the US within the church community.

Their love and support helped Cecilia become the successful business entrepreneur that she is today.

Professional Recruiters

Sharing the Opportunity To Experience the American Dream

Her time in the US taught her that the country is full of opportunities if one is willing to work hard. That's why she encourages English-speaking individuals from other nations to come and work in the US so that they can also experience the American dream.

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