Recruiting Medical Professionals in the Field of Physical Therapy

Texas PT Boards requires an applicant’s credentials to be reviewed by an accredited credentialing agency and this is:

FCCPT (Foreign Credentialing Commission on Physical Therapy)

  1. An account must be set up for the new applicant
  2. FCCPT will issue a case file number that will serve as the applicant’s access to his/her account, this is important in tracking the progress and status of the application.
  3. Once the case file number has been created, you can now pick out the specific services/type of credentialing that you want them to perform for you.
  4. Fee: Varies depends on the type of credentialing. Info is available on site.
  5. Once you’ve decided what type of services you need FCCPT will provide instructions on how you will submit your documents.
  6. FCCPT wants that school/institution or the licensing board in your home country to directly send them the Documents by mail (FedEx).
  7. This means that the applicant will have to request these documents from their respective schools - usually school registration office Knows what has to be there and everything must be original Copies with the school seal, signed and sealed by the school.
  8. Applicant must also request license verification from their country’s PT regulatory board.
  9. You can track the progress/status on your FCCPT acct.
  10. After review FCCPT will issue a comprehensive report that they will Submit with the state board you're trying to apply for.

Once credential review is completed, you can now register for the Exam or NPTE (National Physical Therapy Examination).

You can Register for the exam at FSBPT (The Federation of State Boards Of Physical Therapy.

  1. An account has to be made so you can register for the exam.
  2. This is also where you’re going to apply for your AIN (Alternate Identification Number) for applicants that don't have SSN.
  3. Forms and instructions are available upon application.
  4. FSBPT will also send you your ATT or your Authorization to Test. You’ll need to present this document on your Visa interview.
  5. Then you can pick out a date and Prometric site for your exam.

Now that you have your test date and site, you can go ahead and apply for a US visa online for an interview.

Updates on policies are available on-site.